Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family pictures

I started making the dresses in January. I picked the location to match. it was a fun process. I even made my and Ruth's shoes, hair clips, and I even fixed our hair!

the week before these were taken we had an appointment, and thanks to google maps we ended up at the wrong place. sadly my hair was better that week too. so, we set it up for a week later and in that time the photographer got hurt in a car accident. and because she is awesome she set it up for another photographer friend of ours named Nell Aburto to do it.

Leah was sad in many of them because of the yellow flower in the 1st picture. it made her nose orange when she smelled it, so daddy took it. pouts were the result. this is a rather classic Leah face. she seriously came out of the womb making this face, it was a prelude to her fist lusty scream. It won my heart. Esther was a model she was posing, and smiling and having fun the whole time. Ruth did whatever she wanted. that is why there is no pic of me and the girls Ruth didn't want to do it.
we had a ton of fun, and I am happy to have some decent family pictures with all of us in them.

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