Saturday, May 14, 2011

make it modest: sleeves

modesty part 1:

making modest clothes is one of the best reasons to learn to sew. and with the internet it can be even less expensive.
the great thing about a treasury of patterns is that all you need is the pieces you want and you can make anything.
Adding sleeves can be done easily with the right instructions. you can make almost any dress or shirt modest. you can even add sleeves to store bought dresses.

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ruffle sleeves, flutter sleeves. this can be used on more fluttery fabric like organza. puffed sleeves this has both methods shown. princess cap sleeves, summer dress cap sleeve this minus the cuff piece and hemmed makes a great sleeve for an organza type dress. pleated puffy sleeve, set in sleeve, baseball sleeve

this is a post with links to even more sleeves. like flairs, long sleeves etc...

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