Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make it Modest: the slip with sleeves Tutorial

L is wearing a patchwork circle skirt
(and the slip backwards)
The slip with sleeves saves the trouble of a slip and a shirt. I like to encourage my kids to dress themselves as soon as they can. This makes it easier. It also makes life easier than trying to add sleeves to all those dresses (I have 3 girls)

You need 1 yard of slip fabric (or other fabric like linen if you want it to look more like a shirt)
And all the usual sewing stuff (pins sewing machine etc..)
Lace is nice (I did not use it)

Just a few tips:
It is hard to feel when fabric is being sewn in that you don’t want. Make sure to keep things straight.
Pin this fabric is slippery.
This stuff rolls just be aware.
Things shift adjust regularly as you sew.


The pattern for this dress is here please forgive the wonkyness. Tape with no overlap.
This makes a 3T-4T size for a 5T- 6-T size add 2-4 inches to the hem and make the head and sleeve holes bigger.

If you want different sleeves you can use the sleeveless slip option on the pattern and make any of these sleeves you like better. I recommend the flutter sleeve, or even make 2 of different size flutter sleeves and and layer them.

Cut the fabric.

Cut on the fold. One of each piece

And a 24” by 2” strip (for the neck hole)

Sew it

Start by lining up the pieces (right side together)

Pin and sew the shoulders.

Sew the sides below the sleeves.

Try it on.

Cut the arm and head holes for best fit.

It can be hard to pull it over the head when finished if the head is big.. And secure with a little more stitching

For fabric other than slip fabric use bias tape here is how you make it. And here is how you put it on. Make sure to make the neck hole bigger because there is no stretch.

or use lace by pressing the top,and pinning on lace and topstich.

Turn right side out.
Pin strip right sides facing to neck hole.

Line the ends of the strip up and stitch to fit. Sew (this is where you need to watch for sneaky fabric that tries to slip into the seam.)Check the other side for tag alongs and holes in the sewing.

fold up.

fold over edge leaving ¼-1/3 inch on the front showing encase raw edges from attaching the neck band.
Pin in place

...and Sew There is no need to tuck in the raw edge of the unattached side of the strip because this fabric does not fray.

if it looks funny just fold it in and topstitch. trim the extra unattached edge of the strip off (be careful not cut the slip)

Press the edges of the sleeves over. Hem them.
Hem the bottom of the slip.

this is a shortish almost 6 year old. I made this for the 3, almost 4 year old.

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  1. This is actually Russ's wife, Sara.

    I love all your styles! Your little girls are so cute in them. I especially like this one. Having to layer a slip under an undershirt, under the dress. It can feel bulky and makes me not want to ware my nice, but not quite modest, dresses. Having this would be great because I can still have a nice undershirt without the bulk!


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