Friday, May 13, 2011


I like to combine Ideas. Make it and love it is a great place to find them.This blog is evidence that I am not the only one making pants this month.

she has some great ideas and a better pattern than my instructions if you are making pants for older kids. you can use the cut line as a fold line if you want to preserve a pattern on a fabric, or save some time.

you can also make them adjustable in the waist and flat on the front and shorts!

made by Rae is another great place. this is a nice method for pockets and
she has a pattern too. (if you don't want to make your own for babies.)

here are a few more tricks: like the button cuff.

to add this your pants should be lined or you can make the 2nd pair of pants (lining) out of muslin and a 5" cuff along the bottom. make the straps by cutting 4 1"x5.5" strips. sew with right sides together along sides and sew a triangle shape on one end. turn, and add a button hole the size of your button.
Tucking under the raw (top) edge of the cuff strap, sew it onto the inner side seam of the leg. The bottom tip of the cuff strap should not protrude below the hem of the pants. I sew a little square pattern.
Turn pants right side out and sew the button right in the middle of that square, on the outside of the pants. I love it.
also ruffles seem to be in right now

to make some like this: use the pattern I made (the seam along the outside of the leg would ruin the pattern on the fabric) and add 4" to the legs that's it.

pants are easy and cheap to make. they can be made from old worn out pants, and small ones don't use much fabric.

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