Monday, May 30, 2011

boomerang toomerang zoomerang

(that was a nod to Mr. Rogers)

My husband is pretty crafty too, but in a Manly kind of way.

he made some boomerangs! most people think boomerangs are those bent stick things that you get in tourist traps pretending to sell Australian stuff. or even tourist traps in Australia. if you want a boomerang to come back and not shatter to a million pieces the first time it hits anything you have to do it properly. this is 10 ply airplane construction hardwood. it is pretty tough. he once had one winter in a tree in SE Idaho and fall down in the spring as good as new.
here they are

the popular myth around boomerangs is that their was an anthropologist with limited language skill who visited Australia and asked an Aborigine "what are those stick things you use to hunt?" and the Aborigine answered "boomerang" which roughly translated means "what the heck are you talking about?"

he is pretty excited about this one it comes back almost every time. it is the best one he has ever bought or made before.

Kids like them too!

baby R has a very endearing habit of daddy worship more than any of our girls ever has. she was entranced by the boomerangs. she was putting her arms up ad yelling and dada-ing the whole time. it made the whole thing that much more rich.

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