Friday, June 3, 2011


I am doing a recital!

it is on 25th of June (Saturday) at 7:00 pm. I am singing with Larry Gray on piano and Luke Hubbard a PHD student on Viola.

It is at the church on the corner of County Rd. E, and the silver lake road in New Brighton (MN)

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we are each performing some solos including works by Bruch, Bach, Debussy, Vaughn-Williams, Mozart and 2 Brahms pieces written for mezzo-soprano, viola, and piano. they are some of the most amazing music ever written. I am not really exaggerating. they are also a lot of work.

we had our 1st rehearsal together today it was fun. I need to practice, but I was not surprised by that revelation. I also feel like if I put in the time we will be fantastic.

I am happy to say that these are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. I am rarely as comfortable making music with people with so much talent.

there is a good chance of refreshments.

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  1. Hi Meikjn. Wanted to congrat you on the mug rug winning from Sukie :)
    I would love to hear you play the violin!! I have a old one but never learned :(
    Was browsing your blog and we share the same love for children's clothes!! :)


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