Sunday, July 10, 2011

E's birthday

I have been looking forward to E's birthday all year! I started making stuff a while ago. I decided to do book themes this year. Esther's book is fancy Nancy.

anyone familiar with Fancy Nancy knows that she loves "accessories"
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I made a necklace from yo-yo's and buttons.
a bracelet by sewing a piece of elastic onto a ribbon (do this by stretching the elastic while you sew it to the ribbon)and attaching a ribbon rose.
I made ballerina shoes with embroidered butterflies. Sorry no tutorial I made this one up. if anyone asks I can tell you how I did it.
"a plumed pen"(I bought this),
a "tiara", and
molded crayon hearts. I used crayon bits melted in old aluminum cans (heated in water in a pan) molded in a chocolate mold.
I made playsilks died in kool-aid. I also found this site helpful. I bought the plain silk scarves here these are a fantastic thing to have around for creative play. I even used them for wrapping paper.
And a peek-a-boo sack to hold it all.
we finished the day with "parfaits" with brownies.

all in all it was less than 30$ and much better than anything you can buy at the store (at least I think so).

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